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  1. RFC 764 - Telnet Protocol specification (look at the dates!)

  2. RFC 854 - Telnet Protocol Specification (look at the dates!)

  3. Packetyzer (Ethereal frontend for Windows)

  4. Ethereal (Network analyzer)

  5. Telnet protocol ("networksorcery")

  6. Microsoft Knowledge Base "The Telnet protocol"

  7. VT100 terminal escape codes

  8. ASCII codes


For my development I have used the following C# Telnet applications as cheat sheet. Content and programs are property / responsibility of the respective authors. Some nice people helped me to find bugs.

  1. Tyler Kline: "clsScriptingTelnet":

  2. IgorMoochnick: "RemoteConsoleSolution"

  3. There are other solutions as well. Just use your favorite search engine to find them ;-)

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