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I no longer support this project. Feel free to download and use it.

Project Description
Telnet C# is a client emulating a virtual display for controlling tasks on a remote computer. Primary goal is to run commands in a way to send a request and checking the answer. It is not primarily meant as basis for a normal telnet client, but more for running batch jobs via telnet.

The code has been frequently downloaded from my homepage. Since this was my 1st C# program ever (V0.74 as of 3-2005), and due to the lack of time, I can not support it any more. Actually there have been no fixes since years. I have migrated the client now to this web site in order to give other developers the chance to improve the code and share it with others.

Some thoughts:
  • I would be glad if somebody would like to take over the role of the coordinator. Basically I want to donate the code.
  • We would need some free telnet test accounts in order to further develop the application,e.g. for unit tests and demos.
  • As said, the original code is >6 years old and definitely needs refactoring.

See: Examples | Troubleshooting | References | Development

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